Montag 02.10.23, 21:43 Uhr

Muslim Brotherhood conspiracy theories and antisemitism under Anwar Sadat

Kiki Santing, Assistant Professor an der Universität Groningen referiert am Freitag, den 13. Oktober im Rahmen der Aktionswochen gegen Antisemitismus über das Thema „Muslim Brotherhood conspiracy theories and antisemitism under Anwar Sadat. Die Veranstaltungsankündigung: »My talk highlights how the MB instrumentalized antisemitic conspiracies in its bid to strengthen its socio-political authority under President Anwar Sadat. I will briefly discuss some theoretical insights on conspiracy theories and (Muslim and Muslim Brotherhood) antisemitism, before zooming in on the movement’s return under Sadat, its internal dynamics and growing socio-political ambitions, followed by an analysis of antisemitic conspiracy theories found in the movement’s main media outlet at the time, al-Da’wa and its (broader) implications.«

Termin: 13.10.23 I 14 – 16 Uhr
Ort: Ruhr-Uni, GB 2/131 (Hybrid)
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