Samstag 10.02.24, 13:06 Uhr
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Bochum in Solidarity – Hand in Hand Against The Right

The normalization of the right and the growing support for the AfD („Alternative für Deutschland“) are endangering democracy in Germany. It is time to stand up for an open, democratic, inclusive, and solidary society. We are more – we must be present and loud – the time to act is now! 

The recently unveiled plans of the AfD and the New Right would mean the deportation of millions of migrants and politically unwelcome people from Germany. The plans clearly show what threatens to happen if the AfD gains political power. 

Migrants are experiencing the threat from the right daily. The NSU complex, racist and antisemitic attacks such as those in Halle and Hanau, chases such as those in Chemnitz, right-wing chat groups … a lot of people don’t feel safe anymore. 

The demonstration in Bochum on 19 January 2024 with around 15,000 participants and millions of demonstrators against the right across Germany are encouraging. They show that the democratic majority is not willing to accept these developments. 

But the fight against the right and for a better society is only just beginning. We have to be active: United for a good life for all! 

Come to the demonstration! 

All together against AfD and the rightward shift! 

For an open, democratic, diverse, and solidary society!

Saturday, 17 February 2024 

1 – 4 pm 

Area in front of the Bergbaumuseum, Bochum 

Apart from speeches and information stands, you can also look forward to a colorful and loud cultural programme with Sebastian 23, music with  Koma Havîn, Die Disponauten, Canis 809, and more.